Rain (darkest_diary) wrote in add_me_gay,


I decided to make a post here because it looks as if this community could use one

A little about me: Genetically I have weird genes I was born XXY this technically makes me a boy, even though at birth I was classified and raised as a girl until I was out on my own. I guess that I identify mostly as a gay male, as technically I am male, and I like guys. I lived as a gay male with my ex for quite sometime. Used to live in San Francisco, was raised in California but after the split moved back to Florida.

I like lots of crafts and stuff, I sew and design my own clothes, I like making jewelry. I enjoy baking things from scratch. I like to cook. I enjoy reading and poetry. I like taking pictures with my camera, although I haven’t started doing that in my journal yet (need to buy some batteries). I like long walks, just about anywhere, in the woods, on a beach, on a nature trail. If I see something fun and crafty I usually want to try it at least once, and I love seeing things that other people make and pictures that they take. My life is probably a bit boring, but I really like to read and comment on other peoples lives.

I like a very broad range of music, movies, and books. At least a little bit of everything. In fact, I like a little bit of everything, so we would probably get along in most circumstances.

I guess that it would be better to go on with what I don’t like. I don’t think of myself as radically different from 'everyone else' by using the same disclaimer as everyone else. So, I will give you the same usual disclaimer that everyone else gives:

In other words. I don’t care what your religion is. I don’t care what your gender or transitioning gender is. I don’t care what gender you sleep with, or don’t sleep with for that matter. I could care less, what your nationality is. All I care about is that you are a nice person who is living in this world and being nice to other people living in this world.

Any ways If you would like to be friends, that would be cool. :D
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